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Ultra Street Fighter IV videos offer first-look at new characters

First footage of the new Ultra characters in action

Capcom has released the first gameplay footage of the four new characters to appear in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Rolento, Poison, Hugo and Elena each get their own video clips showing off their Super and Ultra combos. Watch them all below.

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Capcom announced Ultra Street Fighter IV in July. The Xbox 360, PS3 and PC update will introduce five new characters, six fresh stages and new modes and features.

It will be released as both $14.99 DLC for existing Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition owners to download, and a $39.99 physical disc version with "all DLC costumes for all characters released until now" and "future content" to be confirmed.

Capcom has said Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released on consoles internationally "soon after" the game's debut in Japanese arcades.

The publisher confirmed earlier this month that the game will hit arcades in Japan in April 2014. Digital versions for consoles will go live in North America and Europe after that but before 2014's Evo tournament, which takes place July 11-13.

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