Twitch issues PS4 ban warnings after unconscious woman is stripped

Wave of users blocked after abusing terms of service

Internet stream supplier Twitch has told PS4 users that they cannot air anything from the console if it isn't related to games, following a wave of bans on users who have posted objectionable and rule-breaking content.

Twitch integration in Sony's next-gen console means that virtually any game can be live-streamed from the player. But, using the PlayStation 4 Camera and a copy of The Playroom, on occasion some users have instead begun to use the system as a makeshift camcorder and stream personal content.

The Playroom app displays the PlayStation Camera's live view of the user

On Saturday, a PS4 owner by the name of 'Darckobra12' used the system to display his partner naked on camera. The female appeared to be unconscious. Later in the weekend, the user was banned.

The response from Twitch has led to objections from some users. One Reddit thread accused the company of being over-enthusiastic in issuing bans.

"They're actively banning users as we speak. People streaming 'The Playroom' are getting banned," said Reddit user Beethy, who suspected that bans were issued to some families because their children were on camera.

"Yes they are banning people even though they're innocent and just sitting there playing games," the person said.

At the same time, Beethy also complained of the rise of objectionable content on Twitch: "A few minutes ago there was a guy having sex with his partner on the couch. Why didn't they see this coming? Beats me."

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Twitch issued a message on its personal Twitter feed, reiterating its terms of service policies. It said that non-gaming content is prohibited, but discussing games without playing them is accepted.

The rise of user-generated home content via the PS4 is likely to test the thoroughness of Twitch's terms of service, as well as the consistency of its judgements, as the company continues to ban people who are believed to misuse the service.

It is unclear if Sony executives have considered whether to remove The Playroom integration from Twitch - a move that would essentially eliminate the option for PS4 users to make non-game-related content.

Last week, two new owners of the PlayStation 4 caught public attention by using The Playroom app to host a live call-in show. The 'Spartan Show', hosted by a married couple, was viewed by thousands of users and led to a Sony executive calling in.