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PS4 firmware 1.51 available for download in Europe on Thursday

Have the firmware update ready in time for the PS4's EU launch

PlayStation 4 firmware update version 1.51 will be made available to EU gamers on Thursday, November 28, just in time for the PS4 launch.

PlayStation Europe community manager Chris Owen has said via Twitter that EU residents will be able to pre-download the firmware from 'Thursday lunchtime' when it goes live via the EU PlayStation website.


Owen goes on to say that the file will be around 300MB in size and, as with the US launch, can be pre-loaded onto a USB stick for quick installation to the console come launch on Friday.

Instructions on how to install the update are here.

Owen says that it's "not recommended" that EU users download and install the currently-available US firmware.

PS4 launched in North America on November 15 ahead of the European and Latin American PS4 release date of November 29. PS4 sales hit one million units in the console's first 24 hours of availability, according to Sony.