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Nintendo begins selling 3DS Louvre guide

Nintendo has made its 3DS Louvre audio guide app available for general purchase on eShop.

Introduced in April 2012, the guide was originally only available in the Louvre museum in Paris, where visitors could rent a 3DS XL system with the app built-in. But Nintendo has now made it available for purchase on the 3DS eShop for £17.99.

As well as a detailed map of the museum, the app features over 700 descriptions of the Louvre's galleries and artworks.

There are also audio commentaries, along with 3D photos of the galleries, high-definition images of the artworks and 3D reconstructions.

To illustrate the app's features, Nintendo has released a special Nintendo Direct video in which Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto wander around an empty Louvre using the guide.

Shortly after the app was made available in the Louvre in 2012, Miyamoto told investors: "This has not made money yet, but [museum guides] have the potential to be one of our core businesses in the future."

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