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GTA 5 audio files hint at casinos, street racing and drug dealing activities

Audio files reportedly extracted from the recently released Grand Theft Auto 5 Beach Bum DLC have suggested Rockstar plans to introduce casino and racing activities to its open-world action game.

Spotted by a NeoGAF user, the audio files feature various characters from the game discussing activities including gambling, racing for pink slips, off road biking, indoor racing time trials, selling drugs on the street and crashing arms deals.

Some fans have speculated that horse racing will also be included, while others have posited that these audio files are the remains of cut content. Rockstar has not officially confirmed new content for the game.

The Beach Bum DLC introduced a selection of new cars and multiplayer jobs, as well as fresh GTA Online character customisation options include board shorts, surfer attire, tribal tattoos and shaggy hair.

In mid-November, Rockstar teased plans to deliver "word on the forthcoming Content Creator, full on cooperative Heists, and GTA Online's take on Capture the Flag - plus info on some exciting new Story Mode updates" in the near future.

Listen to a collection of the clips in the video below:

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