Head 2 Head: Xbox One controller vs PlayStation 4 pad

By Friday both Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 will be available in all major markets. And what better time to bring back Head 2 Head, the show on which CVG's Tamoor and Rob have a war of words for your entertainment.

For those not familiar with the format here's the rules:

  1. We pick one random subject. Either Tamoor or Rob air an opinion on said subject and the other person - no matter what their personal opinion is - must explain why they disagree and fight their case.
  2. We put the vote to you on who won the argument.
  3. We reveal the winner, in this case, in a supplemental results video.

This particular argument will be split up into three parts. In the first video Rob and Tamoor will argue about which console has the better controller. This will be followed by a second video on games and service, and then finally the hardware itself.

The results video will be released next week along with a segment in which your comments will be read out, so please let us know what you think about both our arguments and your own opinions on the subjects below.

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