Atlus free to develop neglected Sega IP

Sega Sammy COO would 'love' for Atlus to revitalise dormant IPs

Sega Sammy chief operating officer Naoya Tsurumi has said that Atlus is free to develop games for 'dormant' Sega IPs should it wish.

Sega acquired Atlus parent company Index Corporation earlier this year, and in a new Famitsu interview (translated by Siliconera) Tsurumi has discussed some of the benefits of the acquisition.


In particular, Tsurumi notes that Sega has never had great success with RPGs, and that the Atlus association will reverse this.

"I believe that the addition of genres is a crucial factor," he said. "Especially with regard to the fact that Sega have never excelled in RPG titles. With consideration towards Atlus' strengths, Japanese RPGs would be a prime example [of an added benefit]."

Tsurumi also said that Atlus is free to develop games for other dormant Sega properties, which include the likes of Jet Set Radio and Sakura Wars, among others.

"While we have no intention of forcing this, we'd definitely love to have them utilize any of Sega's dormant IPs," he said.

Atlus is responsible for the Shin Megami Tensei RPG series. It will release series installment Persona 5 in 2014 along with three other associated titles for 3DS, Vita and PS3.

Sega acquired Atlus in September in a deal believed to be worth $140 million.

In a statement, Altus chief executive Naoto Hiraoka said "we are extremely happy to be able to continue with our business, and be able to report this good news to our fans and customers."