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Video: Spelunky diehard slays the 'invincible' ghost

Seemingly unbeatable enemy is finally defeated

An expert Spelunky player has discovered how to defeat the infamous ghost enemy.

In Derek Yu's acclaimed and notoriously difficult platformer, the ghost appears whenever players take too long in a level, forcing them to take risks and finish levels quickly.


It had been thought that the ghost was impossible to defeat, but expert player hoing by the name of "Bananasaurus Rex" has figured out how to do it.

Rex realised that the ghost has 9999 hit points of energy, and can be harmed in one of two ways. A bullet from a UFO enemy does one hit point of damage, while 99 points of damage are caused when the ghost enters lava.

While the former option would be incredibly time-consuming and the latter all but impossible due to the game's procedurally generated levels and the ghost's pace, Rex decided to try the latter anyway.

He defeated the ghost by using bombs and ropes to create a small area in one of the game's Hell levels, then created a route that would force the ghost to pass through a pit of lava over and over again. After passing through 101 times, the ghost finally died.

Rex was previously featured on CVG for breaking the Spelunky speedrun record twice, first finishing the game in under seven minutes then doing it again a month later in just over five minutes.

You can see the video of him defeating the ghost below.

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