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Relive Tamoor's heroic live tweeting of the UK PS4 launch

Much meta! So satire!

If you follow us on Twitter you probably know that one of the guys I work with, Tamoor no-middle-name Hussain, live tweets our launch events in acidic bursts of unparalleled piss-taking.


He just loves to troll people, I think, but the response we get from these live tweets is always pretty incredible. So I've decided to paste a story stream of his tweets below, to entomb in history his - literally - star-destroying comments. These all happened last night, when he was queuing in Covent Garden for his PS4. He finally got his box at 5am this morning, and turned up an hour late for work looking like death warmed up, so post nice comments!

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Scroll through the Tweets below