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PS4 digital game prices revealed for UK

"All those prices are disgusting.

£32.99 for bloody Angry Birds? I can pick up that game now for free on Android. And I can play it whilst taking a crap." - Squall5005

You don't have a PS4 and 40" TV in your bathroom? You poor poverty-ridden soul.

PS4 digital game prices revealed for UK

"Ya see when you cut out the middleman (retailer) there are massive costs you can cut out by supplying direct to the customer which in turn makes buying digital a lot lot cheaper.... oh wait." - adison

Yup, you didn't think that one through.

New Steam Machine to rival Xbox One price

"Steam console - can't play all steam games

Genius concept." - shogunreaper

You're getting Steam in a console and you want to be able to play GAMES too? You'll be wanting a controller next.

Twitch issues PS4 ban warnings after unconscious woman is stripped

""It said that non-gaming content is prohibited, but discussing games without playing them is accepted."
does that mean someone can interfere with themselves but won't be banned if they do it while talking about Killzone Shadow Fall?" - DavidG

I hope so, otherwise I've just chucked away 350 quid.

Take-Two files new Bully trademark in Europe

"You can't beat a bit of Bully!" - JSayonara

We were worried there wouldn't be a Bullseye reference in this story. Thanks for sorting it for us.

Video: A guide to PS4 voice control

"Yes Jodders"
"I'm feeling somewhat paranoid about having a camera in my living room"
"You should be, but not for the reason you think"
"I'm a PS3 and this voice only exists inside your head"
"...Oh ok..."" - jodders



PS4 firmware 1.51 available for download in Europe on Thursday

"Yet again Sony treating the Europeans like 2nd class citizens, update 1 day before release (Americans get 1 week to get update onto USB) so this will deffo crash the servers, the phone app delayed and finally the UK pricing of digital games on the PSN takes the p**s." - selfy

Oh my god you got a free update just one day before release?

Halo 4 was prioritised over an Xbox One launch installment - Phil Spencer

"MS, you are sooooo stupid.

Any HALO launch title would have been massive for the Xbone. Even holding HALO4 and 'new-genning' would have meant massive sales.

The "bad decision" dept at Redmond is working overdrive again." - apalmer28

The console has sold out.

Doctor Who The Legacy hits iOS and Android on Wednesday

"Dr Who?
Wadda loada Shyte!" - Paul Skinback

Thanks for sharing.

Xbox One customers with faulty disc drives will receive free digital game

"Not good enough. I bought a f**ked xbox and they give u a free game . Complete bs" - cupoftea

How dare they! Return it immediately!


Nintendo begins selling 3DS Louvre guide

"Ridiculous pricing! Were the cost lower, I'd Louvre to get this." - Balladeer


EA hints at open-world Star Wars project

"Grand Theft Artoo" - badgerpog


Remedy 'constantly exploring Alan Wake possibilities'

"I actually rushed to ASDA to buy this game at midnight and ended up smashing my car into a bollard because I was so tired. I wish I was more A.WAKE....

Anyone? No? Is this thing on?" - NEO_SUPERMAN

One star


UK Xbox One sales double Xbox 360's in launch week

"Regardless of your brand persuasion this, combined with a strong PS4 launch in the US, is great news for the industry. The market is so different now with increased competition outside of console games, a resurgent PC gaming market, the advent of tablets and smartphones (particularly F2P and low cost games), social media and on-demand TV. All of these things have come along since the beginning of the last generation.

And so to have such a strong start shows that there's still great demand for consoles. Perhaps it's a sign that both parties have adapted and tailored their products to modern demands. Perhaps it's a symptom of such a long wait. But regardless of the reason, we saw that the external threat is very real when it came to 3DS and Vita launches.

Still a long way to go in terms of whether that secondary, more casual market is there, but I expect much sighs of relief from those who've invested so much in hardware development.

Congratulations to PS4 and Xbox One - and I hope that everyone who got one is enjoying that glowing new console feeling." - vladimirimp

Well said.