Witness a GTA 5 cop's descent into madness

Here's an odd tale to start your week: the Grand Theft Auto V cop who decided he'd had enough.

Captured by a Deadspin writer and posted by Kotaku, this video shows what happens when one of Los Santos' finest loses his mind.

Crashing his car into Devin's gate, something in this cop's head just snaps. He drives the car back and forth, smashing it into the gate over and over again until his vehicle is a wreck.

Then, without explanation, he gets out of the car and just starts walking. To the beach.

After somehow making it down a steep cliff, the demented soul wanders into the sea and continues to walk, stopping from time to time to wander around in random circles.

Finally, he pulls a gun out, points it at the cliffs, then runs up a hill and completely disappears.

There's likely a reasonable explanation for most of this - his car was wrecked, his AI seemingly told him to go in search for a new car and when he fell down the cliff that all went to hell - but drawing his gun and vanishing? That's some X-Files stuff there.

Have a gander and see if you can explain this poor man's condition.

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