From the creators of Blanka is a Troll: Zangief Loves Vodka!

If there's any internet meme that deserves a sequel, it's Street Fighter characters trolling real world people.

A YouTube team going by the name Street Troller has added its latest compilation of a beloved Street Fighter characters righting the wrongs of modern life. "Zangief Loves Vodka" as they've called it, depicts the red cyclone straightening out Russian comrades who can't hold their drink.

There's one projectile vomiting scene which is borderline NSFW, and a naked guy elsewhere, but you can't see his bits so it's cool.

The creators of the show, two guys by the names of Julnax and Fioko were also responsible for the Blanka Is A Troll videos (parts 1, 2 and 3)

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