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Retro Vault: California Games, Samba De Amigo, Lylat Wars

Plus: Dead Rising and rare Mortal Kombat motion capture footage

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October 1997 - Lylat Wars magazine ad

We've already covered Star Fox 64 in a previous Retro Vault but we haven't focused on the odd name change both the game and its predecessor were subject to in Europe.

When the original Star Fox was released on the SNES, the game was renamed Starwing for European territories. When the Nintendo 64 sequel Star Fox 64 came out, once again the name was changed - this time to the more cryptic Lylat Wars.

The European name refers to the epic battle that took place in the game's Lylat System, between the evil Andross's Venomian Army and the allies of the forces of Corneria. It's all a bit Star Wars, which is why the ad you see above is designed to look like a movie poster.

Legend has it that the name was changed because there was already a game called Star Fox (in fact there were two - an Atari 2600 game from 1983 and a ZX Spectrum game from 1987) and there were worries over copyright infringement. In reality, that wasn't actually the case.

Instead, Nintendo was worried the game would be associated with a German company called StarVox. Since the letter F can easily sound like a V when spoken in a German accent, Nintendo decided it would be best to avoid confusing people and change the name entirely.

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