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Nvidia Shield update introduces 1080p streaming

GameStream function ups the resolution with new patch

A new software update for the Nvidia Shield will introduce 1080p game streaming, the company has confirmed.

The handheld device's GameStream function rolled out in October with 720p support only, but now users can stream games from their PC at 1080p and 60 frames per second.


Meanwhile, the new update will tweak the device's Gamepad Mapper functionality, which allows touchscreen Android games to be operated with the Shield's controller. The tweak introduces the ability to map motion-oriented features.

Finally, a beta has commenced for the Shield's GRID cloud streaming service, which allows access to PC games.

The new update follows the introduction of 'Console Mode' last month, which allows users to pair the Shield with a bluetooth controller when the device is connected to a television.

After its delayed July release, the Shield managed to quickly sell out all shipped units, according to a statement made by company executives.

The device is a high-end Android handheld with a built-in, fully featured controller and the ability to stream PC games direct to the device.