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Sony enables 'What's New' PSN feature on PS4

Company continues to introduce new functionality post-launch

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe continues to introduce new PS4 features previously disabled in a bid to facilitate a smooth launch.

The latest feature to be introduced is the 'What's New' feed, which lets users discover and engage with their friends' PS4 related activity.


'Content Information Screen', which enables users to see their friends' activity and information specific to the title they're looking at, will be introduced next.

Despite disabling a number of non-essential features, the European PSN suffered network congestion and slow speeds when PS4 launched last Friday, leaving some users unable to sign-in for extended periods.

Core network stability returned throughout Saturday and Sony has since been rolling out new features and functionality. Voucher redemption continues to be controlled in order to cope with volume.

Worldwide PS4 sales stand at 2.1 million units, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House said on Tuesday morning.

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