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Battlefield 4 jet ski jousting should be an official sport

It's always entertaining when gamers come up with unique rules for existing games, and this is no exception.

If I had a cap, I'd doff it immediately in the direction of YouTubers Two Angry Gamers, who have taken Battlefield 4 and created a brand new sport fit for kings.

Assuming, of course, those kings have a nearby river, jet skis and a load of guns. But I digress.

The point is that, if there's any justice in the world, jet ski jousting should become an official multiplayer mode in Battlefield 4, based on this evidence at least.

The rules are simple. There are two teams, each consisting of a driver and a shooter. The players ride their jet skis at high speed toward each other while the shooters try to blow up the others.

Look, just watch the video, it'll all make sense. By the end of it you'll be itching for a go.

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