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Next Tales Of game to be revealed on December 12

Namco Bandai starts a countdown to the announcement

The fifteenth game in the Tales Of series is set to be announced on December 12.

Namco Bandai launched a teaser site in late November, and tweeted a link to it saying: "We are planning to announce soon the mothership title which is the latest instalment of the Tales Of series."


At the time the teaser site was simply showing videos and images from previous games in the Tales Of series, but these have now been replaced with a countdown timer and a statement that the new title will be revealed once it runs out on December 12.

According to Siliconera, the game will be shown during a NicoNico stream at 7pm Japan time (10am UK time, 5am Eastern).

It is not yet clear what the game's name will be, as Namco has a tendency to register a number of different potential Tales Of titles as trademarks, with many never being used.

It was recently reported that Namco has registered the following trademarks: Tales of Catastora, Tales of Creales, Tales of Zestoria, Tales of Asteria and Tales of Kanade.

It is also not yet known which consoles the new game will appear on.

The most recent game in the series, Tales Of Xillia 2, was released in Japan in November 2012. It will be coming to PS3 in the west in 2014.