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BOMBSHELL: The Year Of Luigi won't end on December 31, 2013

By Chris Scullion on Thursday 5th Dec 2013 at 10:41 AM UTC

Let's face it: no self-respecting gamer wants the Year Of Luigi to end. Ever. Who would?! Crazy people, that's who.

This year Nintendo's been treating Nintendo gamers to a barrage of Luigi-themed games and merchandise, leading to the glorious "in this, the year of Luigi" meme (example: "I'm sorry sir, but your dog's dead. And in this, the year of Luigi").

Game-wise, in 2013 alone we've seen Luigi take starring roles in Luigi's Mansion 2, New Super Luigi U and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, as well as sharing the spotlight in Super Mario 3D World.

On top of that he's had a dedicated Year Of Luigi forum on Miiverse for fans to congregate and worship at the alter of Luigi, and Nintendo even released a special Luigi-themed 3DS XL.

In all, whoever said "it ain't easy being green" must feel like a muppet right now. In fairness, it was Kermit the Frog, so he probably feels like that all the time.

Still, all good things must come to an end, and so logic dictates that on December 31, 2013 the Year Of Luigi will end, no doubt replaced with a different Nintendo-themed year for some no-hoper who can't hold a candle to "the other brother". The Year Of Funky Kong or something like that.

But wait! We hear of news from the wise and powerful Reggie Fils-Aime, who has declared that the Year Of Luigi will NOT come to a close when 2013 ends. Could it be?


Indeed it could. In a recent interview with Siliconera, Reggie was reminded that the Year Of Luigi was announced on February 14, and as such we haven't had a full year yet. It's the video game equivalent of a child asking to stay up until midnight on their birthday because it isn't technically over.

Reggie looked at Siliconera's journalist with his warm yet powerful gaze, and said "you bet your lousy ASS it ain't over", before jumping on a motorbike and ploughing it through a nearby window.

Sorry, that quote was a bit of a lie.

He actually said: "There are some Year of Luigi activities that will continue into 2014, including some of the special products that we've launched, so there will be some Luigi products to carry the Luigi banner into the next calendar year."

Rejoice, then, because it looks like the Year Of Luigi is going to run on for a while yet. Siliconera suggests that means we should treat it like a "fiscal Year Of Luigi", but we've got a more realistic suggestion.

We think Nintendo is appeasing its Chinese neighbours by following their calendar. Since Chinese New Year is on January 31, we think the Year Of Luigi will end then. The next Chinese year after that is the Year Of The Horse. Hang on, we hear you ask (probably), isn't Yoshi a bit like a horse? And isn't Nintendo working on Yoshi's New Island and Yarn Yoshi?

Don't get carried away. It's the Year Of The Horse, not the dinosaur. With that in mind, though we aren't betting types, we reckon you should start putting some money aside for Epona's Mansion.