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The Lost Clones DLC released for Stealth Inc

PS Vita and PS3 add-on introduces 20 new levels

A 20-level DLC pack for Curve Studios' Stealth Inc is available now for PS Vita.


Titled 'The Lost Clones', the downloadable add-on is also available for PlayStation 3 in Europe and North America for £2.99 / $3.99. The content supports cross-buy, so a purchasing it on either the PS Vita or PS3 will make it available on the other platform for free.

"The Lost Clones focuses on the sordid and brutal history of the Stealth Inc universe," reads the official press release, "sending intrepid clones to discover the fate of the other clones destined to run the facilities gauntlet of platforming, puzzles and traps designed from the ground up to confound you, kill you and generally make you cry tears of frustrated joy onto your Vita and/or PS3 controller."

"The two new worlds we've created for The Lost Clones map pack are probably the most devious levels we've ever created. They were great fun to create and we're especially proud of the surprises, humour and scale of the secret areas that are hidden around these levels!," said Sam Robinson, lead designer on The Lost Clones.

In our Stealth Inc review we said the game is "a fast-paced and tricky platformer, which is ultimately rewarding once you solve its puzzles" and awarded it an eight out of ten.