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Off The Record Podcast Ep. 3: VGX and learning to love Wii U

Plus, the CVG team talk AC4, Zoo Tycoon, Resogun and more

On this week's episode of the CVG Off The Record podcast Tamoor, Andy, Chris and Joe discuss Spike TV's VGX event and which games they think will and won't be announced.

The team also talk more about the Wii U, whether it's wise to invest in one now and what Nintendo can do to remind people it exists.

Finally, they finish by discussing what we've been playing (AC4, Resogun, Zoo Tycoon, Mario 3D World) and answer some of your questions.

CVG Off The Record can be downloaded on iTunes (please subscribe, rate, and review while you're there) and can also be accessed through this RSS link. Alternatively, a video version is available below.

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