Bethesda will not present Fallout 4 at VGX awards, spokesperson confirms

PR and marketing VP puts an end to rumoured VGX surprise reveal

Fallout 4 will not be unveiled at the VGX Awards this weekend, a spokesperson for Bethesda confirmed.

Taking to Twitter, Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines bluntly denied any possibility of a Fallout 4 reveal at the event, which will air on Spike TV at the weekend.


"No, folks. I am not going to VGX. Bethesda is not showing/talking about anything at VGX. Just some PR meetings in LA. Take deep breaths."

Anticipation for Fallout 4 has escalated lately following the appearance of a website which appears to tease an imminent reveal. The website is widely believed to be fake, however.

Adding to the rumours was a recent trademark filing for Fallout 4, which was later revealed to be a hoax.

Rumours of an imminent reveal persist despite Hines' statement in June that fans should not expect news on a fourth instalment any time soon.

Hines' statements have done little to abate anticipation, which has been high since a Reddit user revealed in August last year that Bethesda is scoping out Boston, Massachusetts for the location of the fourth installment.