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Fallout 4 hoax cost perpetrator $990

Survivor 2299 creator admits: 'I know I'm a douche'

The Fallout 4 hoax which fooled thousands of gamers and several high profile news outlets cost the perpetrator $990.

That's according to the culprit himself, DCHoaxer, who is currently hosting a Reddit AMA on his diabolical efforts.


While DCHoaxer admits that he's "a douche" the motivation for the hoax wasn't entirely self-serving, though he did write that "some men just want to watch the world burn", presumably in reference to himself.

"I wanted to force Bethesda to reveal something during VGX on 12/11, and bring /r/Fallout community together (for at least 3 weeks)," he continued on a more positive note.

"Unfortunately, this plan failed."

According to DCHoaxer, hosting the Survivor 2299 website cost $30, the traffic ended up costing $60, while the phone number rental cost 'approximately' $900.

He also claims to have created a CG trailer, which he'll send live as soon as things have settled down a bit.

Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines confirmed last week that the company was not responsible for the Survivor 2999 website.

He also reminded fans not to get their hopes up for any Fallout 4 information any time soon.