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Microsoft addresses Xbox One game demo scarcity concerns

Firm says it's up to developers to release free trials, promises more demos going forward

Microsoft has addressed Xbox One owners concerned about a lack of game demos available on the new console.

Xbox Live director of programming Larry Major Nelson Hyrb said in a forum post on his blog (via OXM): "It is (and always has been) up to game developers to do demos for their own games. They'll be more demos for Xbox One as the platform goes forward."


While launching demos for retail titles was optional on Xbox 360, developers were required to release trial versions of their digital games on the platform, which isn't the case on Microsoft's newer console.

However, Xbox One platform architect Marc Whitten said earlier this year that Microsoft was "going to work on lots of ways to make it easy for you to find and try new games on the service", although he didn't go into specifics.

Hyrb said in early December that Microsoft is working on a number of improvements to Xbox One's party system, while also monitoring user feedback on ways to improve the general user experience.

Having launched in 13 markets on November 22, Xbox One sales topped one million units in less than 24 hours, according to Microsoft.