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PS4 outselling Xbox One by 3-1 in Spain, Sony exec claims

But company is struggling to fulfill pre-orders due to supply constraints

PS4 sales are comfortably outpacing Xbox One sales in Spain, according to the country's top PlayStation executive.

PlayStation Spain and Portugal CEO James Armstrong (pictured) reportedly told MeriStation today that PS4 is outselling Xbox One by more than three units to one.


The console has sold about 80,000 units in Spain since the European PS4 release date of November 29, he claimed.

Armstrong also said Sony is working to fulfill another 12,000 to 15,000 pre-orders that have yet to be met due to supply constraints.

Having debuted in North America on November 15, Sony said on December 3 that worldwide PS4 sales stood at 2.1 million.

Having gone on sale in 13 markets on November 22, Xbox One sales topped one million units in less than 24 hours, according to Microsoft.

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