Epic GTA V glitch lets you explore North Yankton

This is probably only going to be interesting to a certain type of gamer - the kind of person who achieves 100 percent completion records and takes delight in exploring the furthest edges of Rockstar's universe. Don't worry, we understand your obsession.

A totally unforeseeable glitch in GTA V allows you to return to the town of North Yankton in the online portion of the game, this time free to explore the game world without the police chasing you down.

It's also a strange glitchy spectacle of a city suspended in the sky, displayed for the first time without the fog or midnight sky, plonked at the most random location. There's also, by the way, some cool(ish) / interesting things to explore.

GTA 5 o'clock presenter James Jarvis reveals how to unlock the level in the video below.

Take it away James...

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