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Family Guy gets free-to-play mobile in 2014

Tiny Village dev TinyCo enters collaboration with 20th Century Fox

TinyCo has joined up with 20th Century Fox to develop a mobile game based the Family Guy TV show.

In collaboration with the Family Guy writers at Fuzzy Door, TinyCo is working on a free-to-play game for mobile devices for launch in 2014.


The game is said to contain an original story with role-playing elements. Side missions in the game will be like episodes of the Family Guy show, with new content to be added for 'years' after its release.

"The reason why people love Family Guy is because it's funny," TinyCo senior game designer Chelsea Howe told GamesBeat. "All of the mechanics works to serve that idea. Our design goal has been a 'laugh every session.' That was an inspirational goal for the design team, and as we play-test it, it is becoming the reality."

Few actual gameplay details have been released, and TinyCo has offered no images other than the above art.