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Inafune's KAIO: King Of Pirates delayed to 2014

Mega Man creator's latest title still in development

Keiji Inafune's KAIO: King Of Pirates is now set to release in 2014, the game's developer has confirmed.

The Mega Man creator's 3DS pirate game has been delayed numerous times since it was first revealed in 2011, and some believed the project had been quietly abandoned.


However, the game's official website has been updated to say 'Release date: 2014', as spotted by Gematsu.

Originally announced in October 2011, KAIO was originally being developed by Inafune's studio Intercept alongside Marvelous AQL, a studio built up of Marvelous Entertainment, AQ Interactive and Liveware.

KAIO, which roughly translates to 'King of Pirates', will have a multiplayer component and feature a pirate theme, though its main character is a penguin.

"The story is set in the adventurous great ocean where heroes fight for their ambition, justice and their lives," Inafune said when he first announced the game.

"You can expect a truly exciting gaming experience in this world of KAIO. There's still some work to be done before completion. Meanwhile, please watch the teaser trailer over and over and wait for KAIO patiently. All good things come to those who wait... I will not disappoint you."

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