Square Enix Christmas album potentially reveals new Mana game

'Future project' in the series among track listing

A new Christmas album released by Square Enix may have revealed the presence of an upcoming entry in the Mana series.

The X'mas Collections II album was released recently in Japan, and features festive versions of themes from Square Enix games.


Most tracks on the album are from familiar games, including titles from the Final Fantasy series and SaGa Frontier II. However, the ninth track is (loosely translated) called "Habitat Soul Shi Dancing Mind / X'mas Edit", with a note underneath saying the track is "from Seiken Densetsu (Future Project)".

Seiken Densetsu is the Japanese name for the Mana series of games which began with Final Fantasy Adventure on the Game Boy and went on to spawn RPG favourites including The Secret Of Mana, Legend Of Mana and Children Of Mana.

The last game in the Mana series was iOS and Android title Circle Of Mana, a card battling game rather than an RPG. It's possible that this upcoming game may simply be another mobile title.

However, the track is composed by Yoko Shimomura, the veteran video game composer responsible for the music in the likes of Street Fighter II, Breath Of Fire and the Kingdom Hearts series.

Shimomura composed the score for PlayStation title Legend Of Mana and DS game Heroes Of Mana, so her involvement in this unnamed upcoming game may suggest a title on a larger scale.

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