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Elder Scrolls Online release date revealed alongside new trailer

The release date for Bethesda's fantasy MMO The Elder Scrolls Online has been announced.

The game will be coming to PC and Mac on April 4, 2014 (4/4/14), while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will arrive in June 2014.

Bethesda has also released a new gameplay trailer, shown below, which highlights the game's "massive PvP system allowing hundreds of players to fight together, and against one another, in a quest to claim the Ruby Throne."

"Game development is coming along very well," said game director Matt Firor in a new blog posted on the official Elder Scrolls Online site.

"We completed major systems development, and are focusing on making this the Elder Scrolls game you expect: polishing the hundreds and hundreds of hours of content, making combat even more fun and responsive, fixing quest issues, and much, much more."

Explaining why the console versions will be released two months later, Firor said: "Worldwide demand for The Elder Scrolls Online is extraordinarily high. This means we need to do a staggered rollout of the different versions of the game to spread out the initial service load and ensure an enjoyable, smooth gameplay experience.

"It is not only a game we are launching - it is a large online service as well, and our number one priority is to ensure a trouble-free, stable rollout for everyone."

A recently released Elder Scrolls Online developer video shows off the game's player progression systems, explaining levelling up, skills and more.

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