EA under investigation over Battlefield 4-related investor losses

Georgia law firm suspects misguidance as it reaches out to investors

A law firm is conducting an investigation into publishing giant Electronic Arts over alleged misguidance to investors regarding Battlefield 4.

Atlanta, Georgia-based law firm Holzer Holzer & Fistel LLC says that its investigation "focuses on statements [made between July 24 and December 4, 2013] regarding the development and sales of the Company's Battlefield 4 video game and the game's impact on EA's revenue and projects moving forward".


The firm has called for contact from anyone who invested in common stock between that time and suffered losses.

EA announced on December 4 that developer Dice had put all "future projects" on hold - including expansion pack development - until it fixes the multitude of errors that plague BF4.

This came as the troubled shooter continued to suffer with various critical issues present since launch, including server instability and lag during gameplay, corrupt save data, XP loss and complete system crashes on an alarmingly regular basis.

A huge 600MB update for the PS4 version of BF4 was released today.

Holzer & Fistel LLC is the same firm that was asked to investigate whether beleaguered publisher THQ had oversold the potential and popularity of its failed uDraw peripheral.

THQ was questioned over whether it had made "false and misleading" statements and if they violated federal securities laws. uDraw is a game tablet that left THQ with around 1.4 million unsold units by February 2012, resulting in a revenue shortfall of around $100 million and widely considered the trigger of THQ's wider financial troubles.