Forza 5 update slashes car prices

Developer lowers incentive to purchase via microtransactions

Developer Turn 10 is preparing a free update for Forza Motorsport 5 which will dramatically reduce the price of in-game vehicles.

The update is due to launch some time next week, and will cut the price of cars in the game by as much as 45 per cent. It will also add new multiplayer modes, according to IGN.


Turn 10 has also increased the rate at which players earn cash in the game, meaning the time investment needed to earn more exotic cars has been greatly reduced overall.Turn 10 estimates that with the changes in place, exotic cars can now be earned in one-fifth of the time it takes to earn them in Forza 4.

The update follows criticisms of the game's microtransaction economy, which many considered to unfairly price vehicles considering the game is already sold at a premium price. In a new interview, a studio representative has suggested he agrees.

"We based our economy largely on Forza Motorsport 4 data", creative director Dan Greenawalt said. "The earn rate [in Forza 5] should have been the same."

The update will also add two new multiplayer modes free of charge. The first is Drag Racing, which supports up to 16 racers in one lobby, one-on-one duels or eight cars on the same drag strip.

The other new mode is Tag, which comes in three variants: Keep The It (one player is 'it' and has to keep the status as long as possible without being touched), Tag Virus (one player is 'it' and has to spread the virus) and Pass The It (similar to Keep The It except the aim is to lose the status rather than keep it).

In late November, Turn 10 offered a temporary discount on cars, but returned them to their full price after a weekend.

In CVG's Forza Motorsport 5 review, we said: "Turn 10 wants you to feel a sense of pride in ownership by not making it hard to earn vehicles. It's an admirable notion, though undermined by the option to just outright buy cars with real money."