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UK retailer threatens legal action after mistakenly dispatching Vitas

"Better Call Saul!" - DavidG

I had to get someone to explain this one to me. Apparently it's from Malcolm In The Middle, or something.

Review: Zoo Tycoon is a prohibitive playpen

"I heard they genuinely test Gorilla Glass with actual Gorillas." - Jingee

"Not to insult a gorilla's intelligence but you really think that they would see right through that." - dookiephonic

Monkey business at its finest, here.

Yes, a Dark Souls cafe is opening in Japan

"surely to make it authentic, only a small percent of the people that visit will make it out alive?" - kovin

And apparently the menu has loads of advice from previous customers scribbled on it.

Watch Gabe Newell dispense wisdom to dozens of schoolkids

"What can Gabe teach to school kids if he can't even count to 3?" - killerbee25

Good point, killerbee25. Wait a minute... 5 minus 2 is THREE.

Valve defies YouTube copyright cull

"who remembers when google wasn't evil and cared about the people? More and more they are looking like they want to merge skynet and that company quaid worked for in total recall." - Wrongway

"Get your ass to Mars - here's the directions on Google Maps"

Don Bradman Cricket 14 pushed to 2014

"Forget Duke Nukem Forever,
Forget Alan Wake,
Forget Half Life 2,
Forget the N64,
Forget Bioshock infinite,
Forget GTA4,
Forget the last guardian....

THIS one, really hurts." - NEO_SUPERMAN

I know that feel bro.

Terminal Reality reportedly shuts down

"maybe 'terminal reality' wasn't the choicest of names." - Ertan Ertigan

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


Review: Zoo Tycoon is a prohibitive playpen

"I could work at a zoo, must be pi$$ easy to feed the animals, everyone knows a Llama's favourite drink is Llama-nade" - dookiephonic


Yes, a Dark Souls cafe is opening in Japan

"Praise the Sun-ny side up eggs!" - dantotheface



EU PlayStation Plus: Don't Starve, DmC, Borderlands 2 free in December

"Don't Starve looks awful. I probably won't even bother downloading it. It looks like your typical boring PC game... Build/mange/adjust things, collect resources, and try not to fall asleep." - GunstarHeroX

You're literally turning down a free game.

Fable Anniversary dated

"Poor mans Zelda if you ask me." - darren_mccoy

"Homeless mans Zelda more like. These are RPGs for kids. Too short, too easy and not particularly interesting. I know this is asking for downvotes but ask yourselves did you ever die or feel in danger in ANY Fable game? I bet this answer is no. If the answer is yes then Fable is what you SHOULD be playing." - squiddly

Let's openly dislike even more things!

All remaining Blockbuster UK stores to close before Christmas

"I'll tell you what I'd say to these ex Blockbuster employees....merry Xmas you dole scum. And up yours for charging me two and a half quid for a packet of family sized Maltesers. I think I worded that wrong. Family sized Maltesers intimates that I bought a really huge Malteser for all the family. When in fact it was just a fairly big bag. With ordinary sized Maltesers." - Paul Skinback

Dear Amazon customer, your order of 1 x lump of coal has dispatched.

Notch made 'tough decision' to turn down Valve job

"Woow, pretentious much?

So, let's get this straight, back then, he turned down a Valve job, when he was working on minecraft, because he thought it would turn into the same popularity and be like a 'valve' company?

Minecraft comes out, huuuuge sales and megabucks and all that jazz, and then he stops updating, him and his team go on a gazillion holidays with all the money they are printing, and he gets tired of updating and working on minecraft, handing the reigns over to Jeb.

Notch starts work on another space minecraft-like game, that ended up canceled, and some other card game thing that hasn't seen the light of day.

Yeeeeah, somehow that 'Valve' like mentality just evaporated into thin air." - Kyle MacNeil

Yes, but do you like him?


UK retailer threatens legal action after mistakenly dispatching Vitas

"I dont know what I would do in that situation tbh! I class myself as an honest person so my conscience would probably win over and id send it back....... but only after i had played it for a few hours and wipe my balls all over it" - lifebrink

You can tell the true measure of a man by noting the exact point he stops agreeing with the above comment.