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Leisure Suit Larry creator quit Replay Games over CEO sex offense

Al Lowe to have no further involvement in future Leisure Suit Larry games

Al Lowe, creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series, says he quit publisher Replay Games following a sex scandal involving Replay CEO Paul Trowe, according to a report.

Original reports of Lowe's departure from the publisher last week had claimed an amicable split. But according to Kotaku, Lowe has clarified his departure was not on good terms after news of Trowe's misdemeanor emerged.


Trowe was involved in a sex scandal case earlier this year which saw the exec plead guilty to displaying harmful materials to a minor.

According to reports, in 2012 Trowe sent a video of two men engaged in sexual activities to the 16-year-old girlfriend of one of the men in the footage. Trowe claims he sent the video on the request of the girl, who demanded proof of her partner's infidelity.

Trowe was served two years' probation and ordered to attend sex offender counseling.

Lowe has confirmed that the Leisure Suit Larry license remains with Replay Games, and that he will have no involvement in future games in the series.

Replay Games published the Kickstarter-funded Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded - an enhanced remake of the 1987-released original - in June 2013 on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms.