First original Xbox TV content to arrive in early 2014

Initial batch of programming includes Spielberg-produced Halo series

Microsoft will launch its first batch of Xbox exclusive TV content in early 2014.

At Variety's Dealmakers Breakfast event in LA, Microsoft's president of entertainment and digital, Nancy Tellem, revealed that the first content will be available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One "in the first quarter, at minimum second quarter".


One of the series featured in the first wave of content is likely to be the previously announced Halo television series, produced by Steven Spielberg.

Tellem said the main challenge Microsoft has faced has been trying to get other TV studios on board while trying to explain to them exactly how TV content will work on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

"We aren't Netflix, we aren't Amazon, we're a different animal," she explained. "We're neither or we're a little like them. It all depends. The lack of black and white and this is the template and this is what we're following is very difficult. As we continue to do deals everyone's going to get more comfortable.

"We're talking about exclusives, exclusive first windows, exclusive second windows. We play a lot with windows and co-production arrangements and whether we feel these are ideas are franchise building or we can own completely."

Initially announced at the Xbox One reveal event in May, the Halo TV series is the result of a new partnership between development group 343 Industries and Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg.

In October, Microsoft also confirmed it had greenlit a street soccer show. The eight-episode reality series, called Every Street United, will air during the build-up to the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro and aims to find the world's greatest undiscovered street soccer players.