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Kinect Sports Rivals

Time to get your Kinect on and rumble with your Rivals

If you've already got an Xbox One then there's a good chance you've already downloaded Kinect Sports Rivals: Preseason (and if not, why not? It's free!).

That's only the tip of the iceberg, though. Soon the full version of Kinect Sports Rivals will be here, bringing the much-loved Kinect Sports gameplay of kicking, climbing and bowling.

Kinect Sports Rivals makes use of the brand new Kinect that comes with every Xbox One. With a more accurate sensor, the new Kinect can now read players' more subtle movements, making for a more realistic and immersive experience.


If you've got Preseason downloaded then you'll already be familiar with this improved accuracy. With three times more fidelity and ten times more power than its predecessor, the new Kinect tracks not only your limbs, but your fingers and hands as you race your jet ski through Preseason's demo stage.

Eager to try more? The full version of Kinect Sports Rivals will feature other sports, including football, tennis, bowling, rock climbing and target shooting: each showing off the new Kinect's impressive tracking abilities.

For the first time in a Kinect Sports game you'll also be able to put yourself in the game. A new feature will scan your face and use the detailed results to sculpt a stylised on-screen version of you, your very own Kinect Sports champion.

This new virtual doppelganger won't just look like you, it'll also learn how you move and how you play over time, and will compete against your friends online when you aren't around (similar to the Drivatar feature in Forza Motorsport 5). When you're tired and ready for a rest, your in-game athlete will carry on sporting in your name.

Once you get the hang of each sport you can then take your skills online to pit your abilities against the rest of the world. It's understandable if this feels a little daunting at first - after all, as good as you are, there's always someone somewhere who's better than you - but Kinect Sports Rivals has you covered.

It contains a next generation social matchmaking system which ensures you're pitted against other players who are both within your social sphere and have a similar skill level to you. To ensure you'll continually advance through the game, Rivals will continue to put you against players of similar or slightly higher skill, pushing you ever further as you strive to become the greatest.

Even better, if there's nobody around at that exact moment who fits the bill, Xbox One Living Games technology allows the game to access its ever-evolving network of rivals in the cloud - all the players whose personalised 'champions' have been sculpted based on their playing style - so you can always find someone "real" to compete with, rather than having to stick with a generic AI character.

You'll never be lost for something to do either. Multiple sports, events and online tournaments mean there will always be a new competition to enter or challenge to take on. Every time you master an event and win a match your skill and fame level will increase, unlocking rewards as they do.

Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports 2 were two of the most popular and well-loved Kinect games on Xbox 360. Now Kinect Sports Rivals is ready to take things up a notch. If you've already got an Xbox One, start preparing for its release by downloading the free Kinect Sports Rivals: Preseason app, where you can try out the jet ski event and take on special challenges to unlock limited edition gear and outfits for the full game. See you in the arena!