NES Remix announced for Wii U with trailer, launches today

£9 game mixes elements of 16 classic NES titles

Nintendo has announced NES Remix, a new downloadable title for Wii U.

Set for release on the eShop today for £8.99 / $14.99, the game mixes elements of 16 classic NES titles and sets players new challenges.

NES Remix lets you post your records to Miiverse, challenge your friends and decorate your posts with new 8-bit stamps.

Accoridng to the official blurb: "NES Remix features 16 different games, from Super Mario Bros. to Donkey Kong, taking the best gameplay set-pieces from each and re-imagining them with new twists and challenges. In addition to presenting levels as originally experienced on the NES, 'Remix Stages' are quick levels that have been altered from their originals to include brand new elements."

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