Mario Kart 8 trailer reveals new courses

Wii U exclusive racer still scheduled for release in spring 2014

Nintendo has released a new Mario Kart 8 trailer, showing off a number of previously unseen courses.

Airport, desert and cloud circuits feature in the new video, which also reiterates that the game is scheduled for release on Wii U in spring 2014.

Newly confirmed playable characters include Rosalina and various 'Baby' Nintendo characters, like Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Meanwhile, vehicles include UFOs, four-wheel ATV buggies, standard karts and bikes.

The trailer debuted during a Nintendo Direct livestream on Wednesday afternoon. The broadcast was also used to reveal a Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze release date in Europe and a Zelda and Dynasty Warriors mash-up for Wii U with a working title of Hyrule Warriors.

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