New Kirby Triple Deluxe details and screens released

Side-scrolling platformer launching on 3DS in 2014

Nintendo has released a number of new Kirby Triple Deluxe details, as well as a fresh batch of screenshots.

Announced in October and set for release in 2014, the side-scrolling platformer uses the stereoscopic 3DS screen to let Kirby move from front to back in order to avoid enemies and solve puzzles.

Nintendo says: "Kirby can also use a new Hypernova ability, a temporarily powered-up version of his usual inhale ability. The game includes over 20 different types of copy abilities, four of which are created new for this game.

"Kirby Triple Deluxe also includes two new game modes - Kirby Fighters lets up to four players pick one of ten copy abilities and unleash it in battle against another player's Kirby, and Dedede's Drum Dash is a rhythm game that asks players to press buttons in sync with familiar Kirby tunes while jumping and collecting coins."