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New free and paid Ryse DLC released

Microsoft has released new Ryse DLC in the form of free and paid add-ons for the Xbox One exclusive.

A free update to co-operative multiplayer mode Gladiator includes two new level events, while the Colosseum Pack introduces two combat arenas and two character skins, all of which are detailed below and shown off in a new trailer.

The Colosseum Pack is priced at $3.99 standalone, or available as part of the Ryse season pass. Microsoft plans to release four Ryse DLC packs for Gladiator mode. Available at a discounted rate as part of a season pass, the game add-ons will contain a total of 14 multiplayer maps, a new mode, six player skins, fresh level events, and access to a new tier of weapons and armour.

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Free game update

  • Two New Level Events: As you slay barbarians in the arena, two new level events will occur randomly across a variety of maps. In the first, a new enemy turret will appear and bombard your Gladiator with deadly arrows until destroyed. In the second, Reward Statues of Roman deities will emerge from the sands and can be activated as a one-time bonus to boost your Gladiator's Health or Focus.

Colosseum Pack

  • Two new arenas: Henge and Ascension. Henge tasks Gladiators with seizing an ancient forest shrine from hordes of barbarians and securing it for Rome. In Ascension, combatants must fight their way through the burning embers of Hades' lair up to the lavish surface world.
  • Two new Gladiator skins: Commodus and Centurion. Don the opulent golden breastplate of Commodus, the twisted son of Emperor Nero, or the battle-tested armor of a Roman Centurion.