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EU PS Store update: The Walking Dead Season 2, Minecraft

"The Walking what now? Whatcraft?

Broken Sword, people. A Broken Sword game on the Vita." - budge

He's right, you know. A new Broken Sword is a big deal. Get on it.

Behold, the £6000 Xbox One

"Damn it. I just paid that for a photo of one on eBay!" - SuperGiantGoron

Well, we aren't giving you a refund.

Behold, the £6000 Xbox One

"Gold! Always believe in your conSOLE!" - jodders


Typing Of The Dead: Overkill gets Filth DLC

"'Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis' for the final boss, you heard it here first." - dookiephonic

Oh, come on. We just spent a full week trying to defeat Captain Pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism.

New Mass Effect is 'ambitious, fresh yet recognizable', says dev

"Still saying this will be a kart racer." - beemoh

Shepards and Femsheps, start your Mako.

Gran Turismo 6 update today adds Vettel as driving mentor

"Is there a way to not have his smug grin in the game? Can't I have Sebastian Loeb or Kimi "I was having a sh*t" Raikkonen instead?" - Ali_

Big Vettel fan, there.

Law firm begins class-action suit against EA over Battlefield 4 bugs

"No offence to anyone or anything but EA have tried their hardest to please people and yeah it might be having issues but this is purely to do with the increase in people buying the game compared to previous years. The Open Beta was smooth without a glitch and now since the full game was released it has had issues everywhere but not CRITICAL, UNPLAYABLE issues that people claim that happens. In all honesty, EA have not lived up to previous instalments but that was due to the unexpected increase in people playing the game. And also having BF4 as a LAUNCH game on both PS4 and X1 doesn't help but a lawsuit against EA for something which they are working on? Seems wrong in my book. Don't know what you all think but if you made a game and had issues in it and then had a lawsuit against you I don't think you would be too happy about the people moaning at you. By the end of this all players affected will have a compensation of something. Just like GTA Online did when they had issues at launch. So stay calm and wait it out or play with issues and be abit lucky is all I can say." - RadicalzEnigma

Reading through that wall of text, we're sure we can see... yes, it's a positive, sensible comment! It's a Christmas miracle, everyone.


Rosalina confirmed for Smash Bros. Wii U

"I think super smash bros is a s**t game series, never liked it.

Gets ready for down votes haha" - Fenbops

Spoilers - There were indeed downvotes. Lots of them.

Ridge Racer Slipstream out now for iOS devices

"20th Anniversary and they couldnt make a proper epic console version for all of us who still love Ridge Racer and supported it all these years? Booooo!" - ileatyoualive

Usually we make fun of moaners but we agree 100%.

UK 3DS sales top 2 million units

"The console that all media outlets online said would fail. Shame not one stood out or was brave to stand alone to wish the industry and it's players well. I hope some people are picking their jaws of the floor." - a_adji

Yup, shame on you, Official Nintendo Magazine.