Walking Dead Season 2 suffers delays in Ireland, Russia and New Zealand

Episodic series pushed to "early" 2014 on select platforms in affected regions

The first episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2 has been delayed on select platforms in Ireland, Russia and New Zealand.

A Telltale Games community moderator said on the studio's support site that the series will now debut in early 2014 on the affected platforms.


"We can confirm that The Walking Dead: Season Two will be coming to Russia and New Zealand on PlayStation 3 and to Ireland, Russia, and New Zealand on Xbox 360," they said.

"A late-breaking issue with ratings submission in these countries meant the season premiere could not coincide with other regions, but rest assured they'll have Season Two early in the new year.

"We appreciate the patience of those who've been waiting to play the season premiere on their preferred platform."

Earlier this month, we asked Telltale whether it intends to bring Season Two to PS4 and Xbox One.

"Telltale will be on [PS4 and Xbox One] at some point in the future," a studio representative told us. "When Telltale is on Xbox One and PS4 you'll know about it.

"So we haven't announced any plans for Season Two just yet, or anything else just yet, but we're looking at everything. Where gamers are, and players are, and our audience is, we will have content there at some point."


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