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Killer Instinct patch replaces free character Jago with Sabrewulf

Multiple tweaks and fixes also included in latest title update

Microsoft has released a new Killer Instinct patch which replaces free character Jago with Sabrewulf, while introducing numerous tweaks and fixes.

The Xbox One exclusive game is free-to-play with one rotating character, which was initially Jago.


Alternatively, the Combo Breaker pack includes the first eight characters for $19.99 / £16.99 / €19.99.

The Ultra Edition ($39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99) includes the same eight characters from the Combo Breaker one, plus character accessory packs, costumes and the original Killer Instinct arcade game.

Here's a full rundown of the new Killer Instinct patch, via developer Double Helix's website:

New Features

  • ROTATING FREE CHARACTER: Character rotation has been added. Sabrewulf is the new free character, replacing Jago.


  • FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Players will now have access to play regardless of what USB port they plug into.
  • SAVE DATA FIXES: Sign-in changes via KINECT will no longer erase save-data
  • TOASTS OPTION AVAILABLE: Players will be able to disable toasts from the option menu (under display options)


  • COLOR #5 PROPERLY UNLOCKS. NOTE: Players who have accomplished these tasks prior to launch will now be awarded retroactively
  • TRAINING MODE ICON UNLOCKED. NOTE: If you have completed all the tasks required to unlock the costume, the TRAINING ICON will retroactively be unlocked.

IN-GAME Updates

  • Character Select option added to the pause screen of local versus
  • Command List corrected and updated
  • Game will now pause when the controller for player 2 is removed
  • Accessory menu screens updated and patched
  • Added access to the MELD from the pause screen
  • Replays library will be cleared since executable has been updated to a new version number
  • Jago's equipped accessories now display properly while in dojo mode.


  • VIEWABLE LEADERBOARDS: Privilege check has been moved into the Xbox Live menu so non-gold members can view leaderboards
    PARTY INVITES FIXES: General fixes have been implemented to ensure the proper user-flow for people wanting to play exhibition matches with friends.
    RANK-UP/RANK-DOWN DISPLAY: RANK events (Rank-up/Rank-down), display notifications to both players prior to the start of the match.
    RANK MATCH UPDATES: The rank point distribution method has been updated. Please see the chart below for the updated system.


  • INSTINCT MODE SHADOW COMBOS NOW BREAKABLE: There were several instances where SHADOW MOVES we're un-breakable after performing an instinct.-mode cancel With the current fix, SHADOW MOVES will be fully intractable after an instinct-mode cancel.
  • UNBLOCKABLE FIX: Players can now adjust block height during instinct mode activation.
  • COMBO ENDER FIX: There were several instances where certain moves labeled as "ENDERS" where unbreakable .


  • JAGO: Jago's Endokuken is now classified as an OPENER, when used in the beginning of combos.
  • SABREWULF: Shadow Eclipse now scales properly if used as an OPENER.
  • LEVEL-3 eclipse ENDER has been corrected to hit the opponent after performing a JUMPING SLASH
  • ORCHID: Category correction for the first (2) hits of ICHI NI SAN. Damage scaling correction on UPPER FIRECAT
  • GLACIUS: Shadow Hail will now have the same hit properties as an OPENER.
  • SADIRA: HP /Shadow version of Widow's bite is now categorized as OPENER.