Bugbear's 'Next Car Game' videos show racing, destruction

Almost 15 minutes of the FlatOut studio's next racer

New videos of the latest racing title from FlatOut studio Bugbear Entertainment show off racing and stadium events in action.

With three videos and almost 15 minutes of gameplay footage of the title, tentatively referred to as 'Next Car Game', you'll get a sneak peek at two racing events - one on gravel and another on tarmac - and a stadium-based destruction derby.

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An early access version of Next Car Game is available now to those who place a pre-order via Bugbear's official site.

The playable "technology sneak peek" lets users play with "a playground that we use internally to test various features various like car damage and environment destruction," explains the developer.

Next Car Game recently had its Kickstarter campaign cancelled after it became clear it wasn't going to reach its target.

Despite this, Bugbear has already invested $1 million into the game and it remains set for release on PC in early 2014.

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