Battlefield 4 Premium-only double XP weekend has begun

Premium users getting XP buff from now until Sunday evening

DICE has kicked off another Battlefield 4 Premium user-exclusive double XP weekend.

Having originally been scheduled for last weekend, the delayed double XP offer is in effect now and lasts until Sunday, January 5.


The automatic XP boost is only applied to the soldiers of Premium users. 'Premium' is essentially BF4's DLC season pass - a $49.99 offering that gets buyers access to five planned DLC map packs (which cost $14.99 individually), along with a list of other tidbit items such as dog tags, skins, gun attachments and XP boosts.

EA's Origin digital distribution service was the victim of a DDoS attack on Thursday, crippling user access to the service. Blizzard's service and League of Legends were also among those targeted.