Don't Starve, DMC free to US PS Plus subs from this week

Two titles join US Instant Game Collection this week

Indie game Don't Starve for PS4 and Ninja Theory's reboot DMC: Devil May Cry for PS3 will be free to US PlayStation Plus Subscribers from Tuesday, January 7.

Sony has confirmed these will be the latest two titles added to the US Instant Game Collection in this week's PlayStation Store update.


Don't Starve drops players into a random-generated world with the burden of surviving for as long as possible. Players must balance their health, hunger and sanity as they traverse the fancifully designed playscapes. When sanity drops, players will hallucinate enemy creatures which can ultimately harm the them.

It will become the third PS4 game offered free to PS Plus subs following Resogun and Contrast.

3D action brawler DMC represented a refresh for the classic PS2 series, controversially reinventing Dante as a younger-looking hero.

Sony has confirmed that Galaga Legions (PS3) will leave the US Instant Game Collection on January 14.