Gallery: Every third-party Steam Machine in pictures

High-res shots of all 13 third-party Steam Machine units revealed at Valve's CES press event

Valve unveiled 13 third-party Steam Machines in the flesh at a CES press event in Las Vegas to a crowd of eager camera-snapping journalists.

Just for the drool-factor, we've rounded up every picture released for the 13 units - which include Steam Machines from Alienware, iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC, Alternate, Digital Storm and more - and slapped them into one neat gallery for you to flick through.

Pricing and specs were revealed Monday afternoon as part of a short presentation in a swanky Vegas bar, where Valve boss Gabe Newell confirmed that 14 firms were officially on board to produce third-party Steam Machines, each of which would ship with a Steam controller, and a number of which targeting a 2014 release.

Here's the full gallery:

The first Steam Machines, including Digital Storm's $1899 unit, will begin arriving this month.

The firm with a its machine not pictured above (because of its apparent late addition to the list) is Maingear.