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US Far Cry Compilation missing Far Cry HD, is 'permanently' PS3-only [update]

No current plans for Xbox 360 or PC versions in US, Ubisoft tells CVG

The US edition of Ubisoft's just-announced Far Cry Compilation will not contain the original Far Cry and is only coming to PS3, according to the US-region announcement.

Update: A Ubisoft spokesperson has old CVG that, while they have 'no comment' on the differences in content between the US and EU versions of the compilation, the firm has no current plan to release Xbox 360 or PC versions Stateside. "As far as I know right now, the PS3 exclusivity will be permanent," they said.

Xbox 360 and PC versions were left completely unmentioned in the US press release. A prior announcement for EU - where the compilation will be alternatively titled 'Far Cry Wild Expeditions' - confirmed the compilation for all three platforms.


The EU compilation will also include Far Cry Classic, along with Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. The US version is missing the original Far Cry.

No reason for the omission is offered, but it would seem a bizarre decision considering the compilation's release is said to be in celebration of the series' 10th anniversary.

The publisher has confirmed a US release date of February 11 priced at $39.99. No pricing was offered for EU, where the compilation will be released on February 14.