Humble Indie Bundle X includes Runner2, Joe Danger 2

Six games announced, more coming from choose-your-own price promotion

Humble Indie Bundle X brings the choose-your-own-price pack's tenth iteration with six games and two charities.

The bundle, which began Tuesday and will run through Jan. 21 at 11am PT, includes heart-string-tugging RPG To the Moon, stunt bike challenge Joe Danger 2: The Movie, allegoric adventure Papo & Yo, and Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien and their soundtracks.


Those who pay more than the average (currently about $8.75) will also unlock god-game puzzler Reus and gripping medical drama Surgeon Simulator 2013. More unannounced games will be added to the bundle soon.

Buyers can choose how to divide the funds between the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child's Play, and the Humble Bundle company.

The first Humble Indie Bundle launched in 2010, and the company says its various promotions - from further indie bundles to collaborations with publishers like EA and Deep Silver - have raised more than $30 million for charity.