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iOS App Store has brought in $15 billion for developers, Apple says

More than $10 billion spent on apps in 2013 alone

iOS App Store developers have earned $15 billion via the virtual marketplace since it opened in 2008, Apple announced today.

Though that figure accounts for all apps sold across iPhone and iPad (more than a million in total), games like Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Cut the Rope, and Clash of Clans are almost always on top of the App Store's best-selling and top-grossing lists.


Eight of ten of its all-time best-selling apps were games as of July 2013. The store brought in more than $10 billion in 2013, its best-grossing year so far.

Apple added several features to iPhone and iPad with its most recent major update, iOS 7, including standardized controller support. Gaming peripheral creator SteelSeries revealed the first wireless controller for the devices on Monday, TechRadar reports.