PS4 accounts for 20 percent of all Twitch streamers

Proportion of PS4 streamers doubles in less than a month

Twenty percent of all Twitch streamers were broadcasting from PlayStation 4 systems between December 23 to January 1, Twitch announced today.

Streaming support for both Twitch and Ustream are natively built into the system via its "Share" button. Twitch announced on Dec. 10 that 10 percent of its streamers were PS4 owners, meaning the proportion doubled in less than a month.


"Ever since we began working with the major console platform companies, we were confident the integration of live broadcasting to Twitch would be a game changer," Twitch vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro said in a statement. "We envision a day when broadcasting your gameplay is a ubiquitous piece of the gaming experience. We're well on our way."

The surging popularity of PS4 streaming was marked by a significant number of bans given for explicit non-gaming related material, including a man who stripped an unconscious woman on stream. Twitch later removed PS4 Playroom streams from its listings entirely.

Sony announced Tuesday that more than 4.2 million PS4 systems were sold in 2013, while it estimated 9.7 million units of software were sold for the console.